11 Different Types Of Polyamorous Relationships 

11 Different Types of Polyamorous Relationships Kitchen Party Polyamory

Love is within the air: many loves on the subject of the large world of polyamory and polyamorous relationships. Polyamory is a relationship mannequin the place one can have a number of companions directly and the accompanying philosophy you can love a number of individuals on the similar time. One purported benefit of polyamory is the liberty to create relationship dynamics that be just right for you and your life no matter how well-liked they’re in mainstream society. And there’s no scarcity of various dynamics and relationship buildings to create or select from. Polyamorous relationships aren’t a one-size-fits-all mannequin; there’s fairly a little bit of fluidity and adaptability in guidelines and dynamics.   

In the event you’re new to the idea of polyamory, it doesn’t must be that sophisticated. Whereas everybody might have a barely totally different definition, here’s a listing of 12 of the commonest kinds of polyamorous relationships.   

Hierarchical Polyamory  

This model of polyamorous relationship organizes the a number of relationships in a hierarchy of significance, together with time and useful resource designation. In hierarchical relationships, the associate is designated as the first associate receiving more often than not, love, or assets. The individual sitting on the following rung down from the first is taken into account the secondary associate, and after that’s the tertiary associate, and so forth.   

The first associate often is the major as a result of that relationship is a very powerful within the construction. In these circumstances, the first associate might train ‘veto’ energy over their associate’s secondary and tertiary relationships. So, if one major associate feels that their associate’s secondary relationship is detracting from the first relationship, they’ll finish it.   

The time period major associate may also be extra descriptive because of circumstances. The first associate often is the individual with whom somebody is married, lives with, raises kids, or is financially intertwined. Generally, the time period anchor or nesting associate is most well-liked over major associate on this dynamic.   

Non-hierarchical Polyamory  

The other of Hierarchical polyamory is Non-hierarchical polyamory, often known as Egalitarian polyamory, the place everyone seems to be seen as equal and receives the identical quantity of affection, time, and assets. On this construction, nobody associate or dynamic holds extra weight than one other within the polycule (the title assigned to the group of individuals concerned that type an inter-relational community). Everybody contributes equally to the connection and selections that have an effect on all the polycule.   

Examples of some Non-Hierarchical relationship buildings might embody Kitchen Desk Polyamory, Triads/Throuples, and Quads.   

Kitchen Desk Polyamory   

A polyamorous relationship construction the place a gaggle of individuals, all concerned in some capability, can sit round a kitchen desk like a household and speak. Kitchen Desk Polyamory (KTP) is a relationship mannequin the place a gaggle of individuals types a community known as a polycule, and everybody within the polycule is inspired to be concerned with each other to various levels.   

Not everybody within the polycule must be intimately concerned and even instantly concerned with each other, however they are often. Members of KTP may embody your associate’s companions (metamours) and even their companions (telemours), relying on how huge the connection constellation turns into. In some extra excessive KTP relationships, everybody co-habitats and will get an equal say in selections which may have an effect on all the group dynamic. In different KTP preparations, it’s inspired that everybody (metamours, telemours, and so forth.) get alongside like siblings, however they might not stay collectively or be closely concerned in one another’s life selections.   

If sitting round any desk with individuals your associate is interested in seems like one thing from an episode of the Twilight Zone, it’s regular to really feel apprehension, jealousy, or insecurity, even for these in polyamorous relationships. One of many defining ideas supporting consensual non-monogamy is compersion. Compersion is considered the other of jealousy in it’s a sense of wholehearted happiness in your associate or somebody you’re keen on experiencing pleasure and happiness, even when it’s from one other individual.   

Idealistically, this sounds fantastic, however jealousy and insecurity are regular experiences in any relationship, so for any polyamorous relationship to perform, compersion, robust communication, and emotional regulation are important.    

Parallel Polyamory  

Usually cited as the opposite finish of the spectrum from Kitchen Desk polyamory is Parallel Polyamory. Consider Parallel polyamorous relationships like railroad tracks (dangle in there, this seemingly left-field analogy will reveal itself). Railroad tracks run straight down the horizon however by no means intersect. In parallel polyamorous buildings, you will have your associate or companions, and your companions have their companions, however these relationships by no means cross or intersect. So, you should have restricted to no interplay together with your associate’s companions, known as metamours.   

One instance of parallel polyamory is a Vee or “V” relationship, the place one individual dates two totally different individuals, and people two individuals, one another’s metamours, don’t have a relationship with each other and should by no means meet however know of one another’s existence.  

11 Different Types of Polyamorous Relationships Garden Party Polyamory

Backyard Get together Polyamory   

For individuals who don’t align with the laisse-faire love of KTP nor resonate with the strict strains of Parallel polyamory, there’s a center floor – Backyard Get together Polyamory, often known as Birthday Get together Polyamory. Backyard Get together Polyamory takes a bit from each worlds and mixes and matches to create a relationship dynamic that works for all individuals concerned.   

In Backyard occasion preparations, metamours know one another and should work together with one another, however solely because it pertains to their shared associate or at key communal occasions, like birthday events, graduations, and so forth. On this association, metamours might even see one another weekly or just a few occasions a 12 months.   


Polyfidelity is when the community of individuals concerned, the polycule, are solely engaged with one another. They’re totally dedicated to the group members, and all agree to not have relations with individuals exterior the group. This association can be known as a closed polycule. In the event you like the concept of getting a number of companions however favor the security and intimacy of a closed community of individuals, then Polyfidelity often is the construction for you.  

Relationship Anarchy  

It’s not precisely Intercourse Pistols and punk rock anarchy, however it does borrow closely from the zeitgeist of political anarchy. Relationship anarchy isn’t that there are not any guidelines, however that every relationship begins as a tabula rasa – a clean slate – no expectations besides those you and your associate or companions set. Relationship anarchy emphasizes private autonomy the place the individuals concerned create their very own relationship guidelines and bounds as a substitute of prescribing to pre-existing fashions or buildings. Individuals who determine as relationship anarchists typically reject the idea of hierarchical relationship fashions.   

Solo Polyamory  

Solo polyamory is a mannequin and life philosophy that emphasizes the person company versus the collective group and has two barely totally different interpretations. Solo poly may be the place an individual has a number of companions however chooses to take care of their independence, whether or not dwelling alone, remaining single, or being financially unbiased. This doesn’t imply solo polyamorous individuals don’t have fulfilling and profound relationships, however that they don’t adhere to the concept of climbing the “relationship escalator.” Subsequently, marriage, beginning a household, or exclusivity aren’t absolutely the finish targets of their relationships.   

One other definition of solo poly is extra of an overarching life philosophy the place a person chooses to be their very own “primary partner.” Being your personal major means you might be a very powerful individual in your life and your selections, together with relationship ones, add to your sense of independence, happiness, and wellbeing. Below this philosophy, the principles of engagement in a polyamorous way of life are free and as much as interpretation and private desire.   

11 Different Types of Polyamorous Relationships Throuple

Throuple / Triad  

Ah, the beloved Throuple or Triad is a relationship construction by which three individuals are concerned, whether or not sexually or romantically, in a relationship. And no, threesomes aren’t the identical factor as a Triad. In these preparations, all three individuals might resolve to stay collectively, increase a household collectively, and all have an equal say in selections impacting the relationships. Or a Throuple or Triad relationship can take the construction of a Vee or “V.”    


A Vee or “V” model association of three individuals the place one individual dates two individuals concurrently, however these individuals are not relationship one another. The metamours could also be acquaintances or shut buddies, or not fascinated with figuring out one another.   


A Quad is a relationship construction of 4 or extra individuals in a relationship collectively. For instance, if two {couples} resolve up to now one another and turn into sexually or romantically concerned, that is thought-about a Quad construction.  

11 Different Types of Polyamory Quad Vee Triad

Polyamory is supposed to be an alternate model of arranging and fascinated about relationships, sexuality, communication, and construction. For some, the liberty to decide on their path is empowering, and for some, it seems like a royal headache. Regardless of the selection, there is no such thing as a proper or incorrect solution to set up your relationships so long as they serve your happiness and the individuals concerned.  

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