Are Changes Coming To How Oscar Winners Can Accept Their Awards?

Earlier this month, Oscar producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jesse Collins put out a letter to all of the Academy Award nominees. The letter detailed some of what the Oscars this year would be like, including the lack of an option to take part via Zoom, essentially proclaiming that winners would be getting gold in person. As much as that seems like an ideal way to receive your Academy Award, given the tenuous nature of where the COVID-19 pandemic will be next month, it may have been a little overly ambitious. Well, today it seems like there’s at least some portion of the Academy that’s considering finding at the minimum, a compromise…

Here’s some of the story from Deadline:

Rumors are flying regarding possible changes in how nominees may be accepting their Oscars, if they must appear in person, and whether the show will look more like the Grammys which rotated in sets of different nominees for their categories rather than having all nominees seated for the entire show. Trades are falling over each other with “exclusive” teases of possible moves on the part of the Oscar show producers, as well as a meeting tomorrow which has informed nominees of looming decisions that may directly affect their attendance. Deadline can definitely confirm that the latter is happening, even as the Academy has consistently said from day one of the pandemic (when they moved the show back two months to its latest date ever of April 25, in hopes of avoiding the predicament they are now in) that the situation is “fluid.”

Adding to these woes today, CDC director Rochelle Walensky warned of her sense of “impending doom” and said she “is scared” of a fourth surge in the wake of new breakouts of positive Covid tests around the U.S. President Joe Biden is asking states to please reinstate mandatory mask wearing requirements as variants and the early loosening of restrictions are causing new waves of hotspots, something already forcing new lockdowns in many European cities and other points in the world where an unusually large portion of this year’s Academy Awards nominees are currently situated.

On March 18, producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins issued a letter to all nominees informing them there would be no Zoom option, as is the case for virtually every other awards show in this pandemic-affected season. Instead, the letter indicated the only way a nominee would be able to accept (on the show, at least) would be to appear in person at Union Station, the new spacious venue AMPAS is using to insure social distancing (the Dolby Theatre will be used for other show elements) — a space they promise will follow strict Covid protocols, much like the extreme measures now taken on film and TV shoots.

Stay tuned for more…

(Source: Deadline)

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