Buttercream recipe which you won’t be able to resist.

Sitting at home during this quarantine period, most of us have found our inner chef experimenting with some recipes in the kitchen. When it comes to food, baking always hits the top spot. Nothing can compete for the taste of the freshly baked cake and to add icing to it ( yes we mean it literally over here) we bring you a super easy buttercream recipe to win everyone’s heart. So let’s get started!


1 stick butter (preferably unsalted) – 100 gms
Icing sugar- 300 gms
Vanilla extract- ½ teaspoon
White chocolate- 50 gms


  1. With a stand mixer or hand beater, whip butter for about 7-8 minutes until it gets light and fluffy.
  2. Now gradually start adding sugar into it and keep beating at medium speed.
  3. Incorporate in vanilla essence and continue beating until your cream gets light and airy.
  4. In the end, pour in melted (cooled) white chocolate and whip for a couple more minutes.

And voila! You have a super tasty buttercream recipe with zero hassles.


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