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What if you dreamt to live in the luxury of a castle and find yourself landing an enclosed cell? What if your dreams are shattered by your own thoughts and actions? What if your destiny puts you in a situation that is beyond your own imagination? Thoughts make the foundations of your life because they are responsible for each and every decision and action you take, for each and every choice you make, in order to chase your dreams. Then, negative thoughts can have a devastating effect on your life, and can ruin your plans for happier living. With the simple Act of choosing the wrong thought, you can be deviated from your life’s purpose. It could trap you in a situation you never wanted to be in. Chase your life dreams is a guide to choosing the right, positive thoughts over the negative ones, to find the true purpose of your life, to create your own destiny, and to lead a meaningful and joyous life.

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Guide to choose the right path

By accepting that you cannot know or explain your whole self to others, you liberate yourself from the constant burden of rumination. You are free to control what you can control and to let the rest come and go.


Choose positive thoughts over the negative

Learn how to overlook the insult or challenge thrown at you by someone. It is easy to not accept it and move ahead towards your goal, because once you are trapped in this game of revenge, there is no return.


Find your true calling

We need someone to look up to if we want peace in our minds and hearts. Any person, who thinks that he is superior and doesn’t need anyone, is actually the most insecure and unhappy person, because with superiority comes responsibility, and with responsibilities come stress and worries.


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