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Rape, Murder, Injustice – Another Day, Another Girl

  Another Day, Another Girl

Again, a candle march was commenced, woeful rallies with printed posters burnt another hay statue and #justice trended. A 20-year-old woman was cremated by policemen without the consent of her family after being gang-raped brutally in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras. The woman lost her life in the Safdargunj Hospital of Delhi on Tuesday Morning. Her bones were fractured including the spine, the tongue was severely injured and she was paralyzed after the monstrous attack.

Rape in India in every 15 minutes: Government Data – says in a report published on 15 Jan 2020, the time when we were preparing for the celebration of 71st Republic Day, this is what the Continent’s leading magazine had to say. Not a surprise, right? Well, 1 woman is raped every 15 minutes which means approximately 96 or let’s say 90 women are raped every 24 hours which takes the figure to 34,560 women in a year.

Oh, wait! Why just women? According to a report published by Children are most vulnerable to rapes in India, at least 20k cases are reported every year. It will be fair to mention the fact that not only women and children but Males too are the victim of sexual abuse. A survey conducted on men in India, shows that One out of every 5 males is raped or molested at least once in their lives says

Okay, keeping the data and stats aside let’s take an overview of our role in the scenario. Have you ever stalked someone? Shared their posts with your Friends and discussed some private details?

I wish we had this outrage and cry before elections too. Have you ever stalked the ones in power? Do we check the profiles of the candidate or just press the button of our favorite icon? Let me help you !!!!!

43% newly-elected Lok Sabha MPs have criminal records.

Nearly 50% of MPs in the new Lok Sabha have criminal records. –

I’m not blaming a particular community, a political party, or a generation. I’m just Stating the obvious hypocrisy of Indian culture where one can put 100 stories after reading a news headline but gets offended when asked to justify the reasons behind their choices.

Nations change when societies evolve, societies evolve when individual accountability exists and individual accountability prevails when self-realization survives.

Don’t you think it’s high time for self-realization?

Don’t you think it’s the era of change?

Just take A moment of self-assessment, that’s it.

Think! Think, until we meet next time.


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